Avoid Basement Flooding With A Good Quality Sump Pump

If you experience water and moisture in your basement either all the time or when you get a heavy rain, you most likely need a professional company that provides sump pump installation in Boston.

A wet basement isn't something to take lightly. The problems that stem from water in your home will endanger the structural integrity of your home and the health of your family. Moisture can rot the support beams of your home, cause cracking to your foundation and lead to dangerous mold spores. On the lighter side water in your basement can make the area unlivable and damage items that are stored down there.

You can reclaim your living space and protect your home and family. Understanding where the water is coming from is the first step and will most likely require the help of a foundation waterproofing specialist. They can determine where the water is coming from and install proper drain system if need to make sure the water is kept away from the foundation.

As sump pump is installed in the basement at the lowest point and usually in a corner. In areas like Boston where the water table is high, the water will pool around the footer and if a drainage system isn't  installed the water will eat away at the foundation causing serious problems. In these areas most homes have a drainage system but during heavy rains the drain can't handle the volume. When this happens the water will back up into the basement.

How a sump pump works

The sump pump sits in a pit where the water is collected from the drain around the footer of your home. The pump will automatically turn on when the water in the pit reaches a certain level and it is pump out and away from the home. Some sump pumps are heavy duty and can handle everything from seepage to plumbing problems and weather related leaks.

The sump pump pit should be sealed. This will help to keep the room from building up humidity associated with an open pit. In some areas where the humidity level is high you may still need to install a dehumidifier to manage the humidity levels and prevent condensation from building up in your basement.