How To Avoid Sump Pump Failures

Whenever a  major rain storm strikes the Boston area you'll find countless tales of misery and woe from homeowners who have experienced the troubles associated with a low quality sump pump. Plumbers are busy the day after a heavy storm. They are buried in calls to pump the water out of the basement. When this happens a homeowner will have no choice but to pay whatever it takes to dry out the home and protect their personal possessions.

Don't let these stories lead you to believe that there is no solution. In fact, sump pumps have improved with technological advancements and are better and more powerful than ever before. But all sump pumps  do not pass the rigorous standards that are needed for the Boston area. There are three major causes for pump failure. 

A Power Outage

A sump pump is connected to your homes power so if the power goes out your sump pump will quit working. Unfortunately, the power always seems to go out when the storms are the biggest... and you have the greatest need for your sump pump to be operational. If you are relying on a generator as your backup, what happens if you're not home when the power goes out? What if the generator doesn't start? Will the generator have enough power to continue running until the power is restored?

Although a generator is better than nothing it doesn't completely solve your problem. The best solution is a batter backup system. A good quality backup system will be able to pump 7,000 gallons of water from your home with just one charge and most importantly it is set to automatically turn on if the main pump loses power.

Sump Pump Failures

Plastic sump pumps, DIY kits and cheap sump pumps are destined to fail. They just aren't designed to last. Plastic sump pumps generally fail from some sort of mechanical failure and any pump that is installed in a pit without a strong liner will eventually clog up from dirt or debris.

Heavy volume

In cases where torrential rains just don't seem to let up, the heavy volume can overwhelm your system. Having a reliable backup system will help to protect your home and possessions. A good backup system can keep your home dry until you are able to fix or replace the primary pump.

Don't settle for a cheap system. Have a quality sump pump professionally installed and protect your home.